We are leading technological innovator in developing custom-made rotary actuators and valve actuators based on helical gear technology. Learn more about our individual solutions that match your specific demands.

Cutaway model of an Eckart SM4  wear resistent hydraulic rotary actuators SM4 (250 bar)  | © © Eckart GmbH Germany

Rotary actuator SM4
compact, robust
and efficient.

The wear resistent hydraulic rotary actuators SM4 (250 bar) facilitate a rotary and rotational movement in an extremely small installation space. Based on the SM4 we realize special designs which are tuned to your exact needs. Our engineers find your solution.

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Valve actuator HyRAV®
according to the "helical gear" principle

The compact and concentric fitting on the valve actuator HyRAV has proven to be effective in practice and the unit is both: space-saving and reliable. This series can be deployed in the most difficult conditions, from heavy vibrations to adverse ambient conditions, and offer a powerful and safe solution for valve control.

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Rotary actuators for many applications

  • Tool change
    Tool change
  • Linear actuation
    Linear actuation
  • Bending machines
    Bending machines
  • Gate valve control
    Gate valve control
  • Boom rotation
    Boom rotation
  • Work piece positioning, Changing
    Work piece positioning, Changing

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