Welcome to Eckart Hydraulics - your partner for technological excellence in hydraulic and pneumatic rotary actuators.

Eckart is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic rotary actuators.
For over 50 years, we have been offering our customers worldwide customized solutions and first-class service.
Our products are characterized by quality, reliability and innovative technology, while our corporate values such as partnership, innovation and environmental protection are a matter of course for us.


Our highly motivated team works closely with our customers to meet their individual requirements and help them achieve their objectives.
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You will find our products worldwide, in the following areas:

● Aerospace Industry
● Agricultural Machinery
● Armature Industry
● Automotive Industry
● Chemical Industry
● Construction and Mining Machinery
● Construction Cranes
● Energy Industry
● Food Industry
● Industrial Manipulators
● Industrial Robotics
● Machine Tools
● Manufacturing Industry
● Medical Technology
● Mining Industry
● Onshore and Offshore Industry
● Paint Factories
● Packaging Industry
● Paper Industry
● Pharmaceutical Industry
● Shipbuilding
● Transfer and Handling
● Warehouse Automation