Repair Service

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Whether emergency repair, urgent repair or factory overhaul – your actuator is in good hands with us.

Repair processing

These are our qualities

emergency repair / urgent repair

    • short-term and with highest priority
    • as well on-site


Standard repair / maintenance

    • complete overhaul
    • 12 months new part guarantee
    • fast and clear transaction
    • Reduced downtime and costs


Repair processing

  1. Delivery of the actuator inclusive the problem definition
  2. We determine the cause of problem and compile a estimate of cost
  3. After your approval we begin with a repair / overhaul
  4. We repair / overhaul the actuator, check it and return


You can count on Eckart

We update you actuator with the reliable and professional maintenance involving original spare parts and new part guarantee. Thereby we repair and maintain by a consistent specification and quality standards.


Your contact for all repairs and factory overhauls

Hanna-Selina Riemann

Your contact person

Hanna-Selina Riemann

Eckart GmbH
Am Knöschen 2  .  36381 Schlüchtern


+49 6661 9628-11

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