Drei Achsen Antrieb

Three-Axis Actuator

High Performance with Maximum Freedom of Movement

at a Glance

  • For complex movements
  • Hydraulic movement and holding of the heaviest loads
  • Precise multi-axis movements (planes X, Y, and/or Z)
  • Adaptable for different requirements
  • High flexibility in application
  • Innovative design for versatile solutions
  • Precision and flexibility in demanding applications

Eckart Hydraulics
3AxA Three-Axis Actuator
Precise hydraulic multi-axis movements for diverse applications

This innovative hydraulic multi-axis actuator enables movements in multiple planes, offering the unique ability to move and hold heavy loads on three axes. With its degrees of freedom, this actuator sets new standards in terms of flexibility and precision.

The Eckart Hydraulics multi-axis actuator is the solution for applications that require the highest precision and flexibility. With its unique design, it enables speed, powerful movement and holding work in multiple planes, making it versatile for use in various industries.


Technical Specifications
of the 3-Axis Actuator

The following is an example for a possible configuration. Please note that actual specifications may vary based on your specific application requirements.

ParameterDrive 1 (Horizontal)Drive 2 (Cylindrical)Drive 3 (Vertical)
Max. Operating Pressureup to 3481 psiup to 3481 psiup to 3481 psi
Required Min. Operating Pressure290 psi290 psi290 psi
Max. Torque at 240 barup to 29,500 lb-ftup to 36,900 lb-ftup to 29,500 lb-ft
Specific Torqueup to 55.12 lb-ft/psi
up to 144.67 lb-ft/psiup to 55.12 lb-ft/psi
Max. Holding Torqueup to 47,878 lb-ftup to 36,900 lb-ftup to 31,687 lb-ft
Rotational Angleup to 14,835 lbfup to 13,489 lbfup to 12,791 lbf
Max. Radial Forceup to 14,835 lbfup to 13,489 lbfup to 12,791 lbf
Max. Bending Momentup to 81,130 lb-ftup to 48,747 lb-ftup to 26,547 lb-ft
Displacement Volumeup to 2.87 in³/1°up to 4.432 in³/1°up to 2.029 in³/1°
Pressure FluidHydraulic fluids according to DIN 51524or ISO 11158, HFC,HFDand others on request
Temperature Range-13°F … +158°F-13°F … +158°F-13°F … +158°F
Installation PositionAnyAnyAny
Weightup to 1424 lbsup to 359 lbsup to 873 lbs
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Application Examples for the Eckart 3AxA Actuator:

  • Maritime Construction Industry: Special ships for the construction of various structures such as wind farms, oil platforms, harbors, docks and bridges from the water. Such as suction dredgers and other specialized vessels for complex construction projects.
  • Mining: Used in drilling vehicles or scrapers for precise positioning of booms.
  • Heavy-duty Cranes: Precise positioning and movement of heavy components and materials.
  • Bridge Construction: Assembly for precise positioning of large structures.
  • Heavy Industrial Applications: Precise movements of large components in heavy industrial plants.
  • Heavy Logistics: Precise movements and positioning of heavy loads in warehouses.
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Precise movements of heavy equipment on offshore drilling platforms.

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