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Rotary actuator E3

effortless and duarble

at a glance

  • ultra compact

  • robust construction

  • high bearing charge

  • double shaft-and piston-sealing (lip seal)

  • exact, almost free from backlash positioning
  • wear resistant
  • continuous shaft hole

The expert
for the mobile application

The E3 is a hydraulic rotary actuator that has been especially designed for mobile applications. This rotary actuator functions according to the "helical gear" principle and, due to its compact design, only requires a minimum amount of space.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, the Eckart E3 is identical in form to the products of its competitors. The Eckart E3 rotary actuator has unique selling points, however, which can offer decisive advantages during its application: firstly, the deflection threads are paired with virtually no play; secondly, the roller bearing is fitted so that there is no play; and thirdly, no compact seals which can be subjected to stress on both sides are used. Consequently, there is no more "wobbling", such as of the work platform, when a lateral movement is made.



Size (piston-Ø)5 sizes
max. torque at 210 bar50 to 3600 Nm
(36.88 to 2655.58 lb-ft)
spec. angle of rotation0,72 – 340,0 Nm/bar
(0.53 to 250.86 lb-ft/bar )
Angle of rotationStandard 180°/360° and any intermediate angle
MediumHydraulic fluids DIN 51524, ISO 11158
HFC, HFD; others on request
min. operating pressure required5 to 10 bar
(72.52 to 145.04 psi)
max. allowable operating pressure210 bar (3045.78 psi)
higher on request
Installation positionas required
Temperature range-25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +158°F)
higher or lower on request
Absorption volume
max. admissible rotation time per 90° (without load)
Weight / kg 180° / 360°
max. radial load FR
max. axial load FAE
max. axial load FAA

valve block

    • oading hold function, in case there is a tendency for the work platform to rapidly move away if positioned on an incline
    • clamp function,
so that the work platform cannot wobble from side to side regardless of its stop position
    • overpressure function, which prevents the rotary actuator being irreparably damaged due to excess pressure, stemming either from the hydraulic system or from an increase in temperature

Use of work

Bearings for the full accommodation of the load and the rotary mechanism are integrated in the rotary actuator. Consequently, the work platform must not to be separately fitted with bearings. Furthermore, the rotary actuator has a hole through which the hoses or cables can be passed. For safety reasons, it is also possible for a screw to be fitted at this hole. With this screw, extra tightening at the fastening straps of the extension arm or the work platform can be provided. Even if the rotary actuator is damaged, e.g. in the axial direction, the work platform will remain fixed in place.


Typische Anwendungen

  • Linear actuation
    Linear actuation
  • Bending machines
    Bending machines
  • Gate valve control
    Gate valve control
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