Rädlinger Tilt 90
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Rädlinger Tilt 90

Tilt motors for garden and landscaping excavators.

at a glance

  • 2 x 90° tilting angle, limited by a mechanical stop
  • with pressure relief valve for maximum rotary and retention torque
  • Additional check valve by default to compensate pressure losses of the machine
  • System approved and tested by BG for safety
  • Compact: optimised installation height and length
  • Size optimised for the respective machine classes
  • Extremely robust and wear-resistant through the use of high-strength alloys/nitriding
  • Suspension welded for minimum installation heights
  • Fits on all standard quick-coupler systems
  • Protected hydraulic connection points
  • Optional hydraulic package for hose feed for various carrier machines

More versatility
even in confined spaces

The Rädlinger Tilt 90 combines proven Eckart / Rädlinger quality and many years of experience with new features:


With the vertical tilt function of the Rädlinger Tilt 90 by 2 x 90° take up a minimum amount of space. At the same time, the tilt motor expands the areas of use and performance of mini-excavators, as well as the efficiency of attachments.


With the Tilt 90, Rädlinger addresses growing demand in the gardening and landscaping sector, creating an indispensable product which meets the demands of maximum flexibility, versatility and productivity of the attachment.


The JR-Tilt production series is exclusively marketed by Rädlinger: Rädlinger Maschinen- und Stahlbau GmbH.



Size6 sizes
Torque at 210 bar
(3045.78 psi)
1.080 to 15.300 Nm
(796.74 to 11,288.17 lb-ft )
Retention torque at 240 bar
(3,481.16 psi)
2.240 to 48.600 Nm
(1,653.13 to 35,813.47 lb-ft )
Tilt angle180°
Operating pressure210 bar (3045.78 psi)
max. allowable operating pressure300 bar (4351.16 psi)
Build-up recommendationsSyst. Lehnhoff / Verachtert
Temperature range-25°C to +70°C / higher or lower on request
Absorption volume0,20 to 3,70 Ltr./180° ~
0.0528 to 0.9777 gallons/180°.

Weight / kg26 to 205 kg (57.32 to 451.95 lb)
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