Eckart E1 ultra-compact yet powerful low-pressure hydraulic rotary actuator for pressure ranges from 40 up to 100 bar. 
With a very wide range of available options, the E1 offers maximum flexibility and functionality. | © Eckart GmbH - Germany

Rotary actuator E1

setting the standard for low-pressure hydraulic systems

at a glance

  • operating pressure up to100 bar (1450.380 psi)
  • smallest installation dimensions

  • ultracompact and robust

  • wear resistant
  • effective end cushioning
  • adjustable drive shaft datum

The standard
in low-pressure hydraulic systems

The E1 rotary actuator is the latest rotary actuator in our product range. With regard to application, low-pressure hydraulic systems, with typical pressure ratings of 40, 60, 80 or 100 bar, (580.152, 870.228, 1160.304, or 1450.380 psi) are of relevance here.


The E1 functions according to the "helical gear" principle and, due to its compact design, only requires a minimum amount of space. The diverse options offer a maximum degree of flexibility and functionality. With the E1, Eckart offers you a high-performance series, allowing optimal adaptation to your particular requirements.




Size6 sizes
max. torque at 100 bar
(1450.380 psi)
74 to 2450 Nm
(651.1 bis 21,688.5 in-lb)
spec. torque0,74 – 24,50 Nm/bar
(0.0514 – 1.702 in-lb/psi)
Angle of rotationStandard 90°/180°/270°/360° and any intermediate angle, even above 360°
MediumHydraulic fluids DIN 51524, ISO 11158
HFC, HFD; others on request
min. operating pressure required5 to 10 bar (72.5 to 145 psi)
max. allowable operating pressure100 bar / higher on request
(1,450 psi / higher on request)
Installation positionas required
Temperature range-25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +158°F) higher or lower on request
Absorption volume0,17 to 5,86 cm³/1° (0.01 to 0.36 in³/1°)
max. admissible rotation time per 90° (without load)0,13 to 0,55 s
Weight 90° / 180° / 270° / 360°4,0 to 39,0 kg / 4,6 to 48,0 kg / 5,2 to 57,0 kg / 5,8 to 66,0 kg
(8.8 to 85.8 lbs / 10.1 to 105.8 lbs / 11.5 to 125.7 lbs / 12.8 to 145.5 lbs)
max. radial load FR0,589 to 11,772 KN (132.4 to 2,646.8 lbs)
max. axial load FAE1,472 to 17,658 KN (330.7 to 3,969.1 lbs)
max. axial load FAA0,245 to 1,472 KN (55.1 to 331.1 lbs)

Because of its torque, angle of rotation, pressure range, positioning accuracy, stability of position, type of attachment and dimensions, the Eckart E1 rotary actuator can be used in a wide range of applications.

The selection ans the size depends above all on the demands and the operating conditions under which the rotary actuator is operating. For the planning of special items, it is also important for us to be aware of all technical details.



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