Tool changer
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Tool changer, changing systems and pallet-changing systems

Components for tool changer and changing systems are usually customized designs with serious deviations from the standard devices.

at a glance

      • high developed end cushioning
      • compact and robust
      • faster movement
      • insensitive to coolants and oils
      • controlled movements with great tool and workpiece weights


Hydraulic components
adaptable to the customer needs

Based on the experience gained with our rotary actuators, we are now in a position to supply well-engineered and reliable hydraulic components for tool changers, changing systems and pallet-changing systems. One example is a rotary-linear actuator for a pallet changer for pallets weighing up to 2,205 pounds (1,000 kg ).


Not only simple rotary and linear movements, but also complex and combined multiple movements as well as additional auxiliary movements, such as the closing and opening of gripper tongs, are possible. Many of these components can be driven via "black and white" valves and require no special control units.


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