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Two-Axis Actuator

Hohe Leistung mit erweiterten Bewegungsfreiheit

Advantages of the 2AxA
Two-axis Actuator at a glance

Our 2AxA 2-axis drive offers a number of advantages that make it the ideal solution for your applications:

  • Precise movements in two axes: Moving and holding the heaviest loads with high precision.
  • Adaptability for different requirements: The drive can be flexibly adapted to different applications.
  • Versatile application possibilities: Enables precise movements in the X and Y axes or other relevant planes.
  • High flexibility: Innovative design and high flexibility for a wide range of applications.
  • Innovative design: Our dual-axle drive offers innovative solutions for demanding requirements.
  • Precision and reliability: Guaranteed precise and reliable performance in every application.


Eckart Hydraulics 
2AxA Two-axis Actuator

Our hydraulic 2AxA 2-axis actuator is the perfect solution for applications that require precise movements in two axes. With its unique ability to move and hold heavy loads, our drive sets new standards in terms of flexibility and precision. Discover the versatility and performance of our dual-axis drive for your demanding applications.
Precise hydraulic multi-axis movements for a wide range of applications

The Eckart two-axis actuator is the solution for applications that require the highest precision and flexibility. With its unique adaptable design, it enables powerful movement and holding work in multiple planes, making it versatile for use in various industries.


Technical Specifications
of the 2-Axis Actuator

The following is an example for a possible configuration. Please note that actual specifications may vary based on your specific application requirements.

ParameterAxis 1Axis 2
Max. Torque at 210 bar8,113 lb-ft36,126 lb-ft
Specific Torque10.44 lb-ft/psi4,878.25 lb-ft/psi
Rotation AngleStandard 180° and any intermediate angle- 365° +2° tolerance and any intermediate angle
Pressure FluidHydraulic fluids according to DIN 51524 or ISO 11158,HFC, HFD, and others on request
Max. Operating Pressureup to 3,625 psiup to 3,625 psi
Required Min. Operating Pressure145 psi145 psi
Max. Peak Pressure4,133 psi, secured by DBV4,133 psi, secured by DBV
Installation PositionAnyAny
Temperature Range-13°F to +158°F, higher or lower on request-13°F to +158°F, higher or lower on request
Displacement Volume0.789 in³/1°4.432 in³/1°
Bending Moment7,002 lb-ft81,130 lb-ft
Radial Force4,157 lbfup to 14,835 lbf
Axial Force7,868 lbfup to 13,489 lbf
Max. Holding Torque11,801 lb-ft at 3,045 psi47,942 lb-ft at 2,756 psi
Weight802 lbs1,433 lbs

Application Examples for the Eckart Multi-Axis Actuator:

  • Manufacturing Industry: Flexibility for precise handling, positioning, and movement of large components and machine parts.
  • Industrial Manipulators: Loading with goods or mounting, positioning, or retrofitting machine components.
  • Mining: In drilling vehicles or scrapers for moving and positioning booms.
  • Industrial Robotics: In robots for fast, precise handling and positioning of parts and tools.
  • Entertainment Industry: In simulation systems to create realistic movements.
  • Construction Cranes: Large construction cranes that need to lift and move heavy components and materials benefit from multi-axis actuators for precise positioning and movement.
  • Offshore Platforms: Cranes and lifting equipment on platforms to move or hold components or heavy equipment.
  • Bridge Construction: For assembly to enable precision movements when positioning large structures. .
  • Shipbuilding: To move ship parts or in shipyards for the assembly of large components.
  • Warehouse Automation: In automated systems for moving heavy pallets and freight.
  • Stage and Event Technology: To precisely move and position large stage elements.
  • Energy Sector: Handling and positioning for precise manufacturing processes and test environments.
  • Aerospace: Handling and positioning for high-precision test environments.

Versatile Precision with
Expanded Application Range

  • Precision: Two offset drives for precise positioning in different planes.
  • Expanded Application Range: Overcomes the limitations of conventional rotary actuators for complex manipulations and simultaneous axis rotations.
  • Versatility: Multiple planes for complex applications, e.g., in robotics, aerospace, medical technology, manufacturing, and construction industries.
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