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Rotary actuator SM4

extremely powerful and scalable

at a glance

  • operating pressure up to 250 bar (3,626 psi)
  • compact und robust
  • wear resistant
  • efficient end cushioning
  • adjustable drive shaft datum
  • angle adjustment ± 5°

The reference
among the rotary actuators

The SM4 is a rotary actuator with an operating pressure up to 250 bar (3,626 psi), which works according to the 'helical gear' principle. How often have you searched for a rotary unit capable of executing a rotary movement or a limited rotational movement in an extremely small installation space? Frequently? If so, then Eckart can offer the perfect solution with its current 250-bar (3,626 psi) rotary actuator, the small and compact SM4.



Size13 sizes
max. torque at 250 bar (3,626 psi)180 to 250.000 Nm (133.00 to 184.76 lb-ft)
spez. torque0,72 – 1.000 Nm/bar (0.53 to 737.56 lb-ft/bar)
Angle of rotationstandard 90°/180°/270°/360°
plus any intermediate angle, even above 360°
Mediumhydraulic fluids DIN 51524, ISO 11158
HFC, HFD; others on request
min. operating pressure requiredfrom 10 bar (145 psi)
max. allowable operating pressure250 bar (3626 psi) / higher on request
Installation positionas required
Temperature range-25°C to +70°C (-13°F to 158°F) higher or lower on request
Absorption volume0,72 to 340,0 cm³/1° (47.3 to 101 in³/1°)
max. admissible rotation time per 90° (without load)0,13 to 210,0 sec.
Weight 90° / 180° / 270° / 360°5,5 to 976 kg / 6,0 to 1136 kg / 6,5 to 1296 kg / 7,0 to 1456 kg
max. radial load FR1,45 to 87,20 KN (326.70 to 19573.40 lb)
max. axial load FAE6,02 to 256,25 KN (1353.06 to 57638.74 lb)
max. axial load FAA1,00 to 41,00 KN (224.81 to 9225.98 lb)

Because of its torque, angle of rotation, pressure range, positioning accuracy, stability of position, type of attachment and dimensions, the Eckart SM4 rotary actuator can be used in a wide range of applications.


The selection and the size depends above all on the demands and the operating conditions under which the rotary actuator is operating. For the planning of special items, it is also important for us to be aware of all technical details.


      • end cushioning (highly effected)
      • locating pin on the end of the shaft
    • switching elements for angular interrogation
    • arious shaft types, such as DIN5480 gear shaft, gear hub, hollow shaft

Special designs according to
the request of the customer

Based on the SM4, we realize special designs that are precisely tailored to your needs.
Our engineers will find your solution:   


    • drive shaft smooth, involute spline, rectangular, ...
    • second drive pivot at the bottom
    • angle adjustment over the entire rotary range
    • change of the direction of rotation
    • direct connection of valves
    • each between-rotation-angle, even above 360°
    • operating pressures above 250 bar
    • special colors
    • lake and saltwater resistance
    • ATEX certification




  • Tool change
    Tool change
  • Linear actuation
    Linear actuation
  • Bending machines
    Bending machines
  • Gate valve control
    Gate valve control
  • Boom rotation
    Boom rotation
  • Work piece positioning, Changing
    Work piece positioning, Changing
  • Vertical work piece positioning
    Vertical work piece positioning
  • Tipping devices
    Tipping devices
  • Opening, Closing
    Opening, Closing
  • Rotational devices
    Rotational devices
  • Clocking
  • Transport
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