„The environment and nature are very dear to our hearts“

Eckart Hydraulics aims to become climate-neutral in the medium term

Sustainability and climate protection are high priotities at Eckart Hydraulics. As a manufacturer of hydraulic rotary actuators the company is actively contributing to achieving the climate goals set by the Paris Agreement. In the medium term, the industrial company aims to achieve complete climate neutrality.


Here are some examples of what Eckart Hydraulics has already accomplished: In November 2021, the entire company was fully converted to green electricity. The estimated annual electricity consumption at Eckart Hydraulics is about 900,000 kilowatt hours (kWh). The photovoltaic system already generates more than 160,000 kWh of electricity, but it is to be expanded. Managing Director Markus Eckart says: “Our goal is to produce around 400,000 kWh of electricity ourselves in the future. The environment and nature are very dear to our hearts, and we believe that every small step to preserve them is an important one.”


Another component is the complete conversion of lighting to energy-saving LED. Today, Eckart Hydraulics' buildings are already smart and interconnected, which allows a much more efficient control of lighting, heating and air. Since 2009, the buildings have been gradually equipped with heat pumps, totaling five storage and assembly halls in addition to the administrative building, covering over 6,500 square meters. Markus Eckart: “Contrary to popular belief, heat pumps also work in older buildings.”


Additional measures include offering employees the option to lease a job bike. Many choose to cycle to work instead of driving, which also benefits the climate, emphasizes Markus Eckart. In procurement, domestically suppliers, sometimes even from the region, were found, resulting in shorter delivery routes and thus reducing CO2 emissions. Membership in the climate pact of the regional WITO trade association is a matter of course: “As regional companies, we can show our commitment together, implement projects quickly and fight the climate crisis in an unbureaucratic way. It's a great initiative that we are happy to support.”


Eckart Hydraulics is also currently preparing two certifications: the environmental management standard ISO 14001 and the energy management standard ISO 50001. The company aims to meet the requirements for eco-balances, environmental performance indicators, environmental performance assessment and the prerequisites for systematic energy management. The certificates must be renewed every three years, which includes annual surveillance audits.


And all these efforts are worthwhile: By switching to green electricity alone, Eckart Hydraulics saves approximately 342 tons of CO2 annually. Managing Director Markus Eckart concludes: “We want to continue working on and constantly optimizing our climate balance. In the medium term, our goal is to operate completely climate-neutral. This is, of course, more challenging for an industrial company with large machinery and many suppliers than, for example, in the service sector, but we are making significant efforts and are on the right track.”