Eckart Hydraulic becomes a member of the Schlüchtern climate pact

Optimizing the ecological balance is the goal

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Eckart Hydraulic joins the climate pact for Schlüchtern and continues to work on its ecological balance. Managing Director Markus Eckart says: "We welcome the initiative and are only too happy to join the climate pact." The company is thus committed to further optimizing its processes and ensuring that energy is used sparingly. The Wallrother company has been working on this for a long time: Eckart Hydraulic, for example, has had heat pumps for heating the halls or photovoltaics for years. Markus Eckart emphasizes that the long-term goal is to be completely climate-neutral.


The climate pact for Schlüchtern is an association of companies and institutions from Schluechtern who want to voluntarily and collectively reduce their ecological footprint or even want to work completely climate-neutral. The initiative is sponsored by the Schlüchtern trade association WITO, which also organizes regular information meetings. Eckart: “It's great that there is such an initiative in the region. We also want to do our part to make the climate change a success. We also hope that many companies will join the climate pact. ”